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Economic Models Don't Work

Economic models" do not help salespeople sell more products. At Technology Access Partners (TAP) we develop dozens of "economic models" each year for medical device companies, so those of you that know us (or better yet, hired us to develop models) may be somewhat surprised by this statement. Let me explain.

Consider this scenario: the Vice President of Sales of a mid-sized medical device company contacted us. After several minutes on the phone, he explained that his sales force is having difficulty establishing partnership relationships with their hospital customers. He informed us that his company’s technology not only improves the clinical outcomes of patients but also saves hospitals a substantial amount of money.

Sales Training Systems Are Broken!

At Technology Access Partners (TAP) we often speak with medical device companies that have recently purchased and implemented the latest and greatest sales training system. There are many out there, some better than others. But when we speak with the VP of Sales a year later they often tell me that the system didn’t work. They spent a significant amount of money on training their sales force on the new system and didn’t improve sales or streamline the sales process at all. If anything, the new system irritated the sales managers and salespeople because of all the extra paperwork they were required to complete and made their selling efforts LESS productive than before!

Technology Access Partners helps medical device companies and investors address the unique reimbursement and sales challenges associated with new and existing medical devices, diagnostics and biologics. From the business planning stage through post-launch and beyond, we leverage our expertise throughout the entire lifecycle of your products.

Our products, services and tactical expertise empower you to sell more, negotiate better, and improve your bottom line.

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