Modern dispute resolution is changing, and TA PLLC is well positioned to meet its clients’ needs in this changing environment. In the U.S. and internationally, arbitration is gaining favor over lengthy and expensive judicial proceedings as a preferred means of commercial dispute resolution. TA PLLC’s counsel have experience both in U.S. domestic arbitration, administered by the American Arbitration Association and JAMS, and also in international arbitration under the rules of the ICC and ICDR. We can also assist you with litigation ancillary to arbitration proceedings, such as motions to compel arbitration, motions to vacate an arbitral award, and confirmation and enforcement proceedings. Additionally, TA PLLC’s experienced counsel can help you draft effective and enforceable arbitration clauses for your business transactions.

We are also prepared to assist you in other forms of alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation, neutral evaluation, and collaborative law. ADR often saves money and speeds parties towards mutually beneficial settlements, rather than involving parties in years of litigation in which only one party will prevail. In ADR, the parties (rather than judges, arbitrators, and juries) play the key role in resolving their own disputes, which may result in more creative and thoughtful solutions, longer-lasting business relationships, and greater client satisfaction.